About Us

The aim of the school is “to produce not mere intellectual giants, but humane and compassionate individuals, who will be prepared to face life with moral courage and conviction, always standing for what is right and worthy”.

About US

Valaraigate Vidyalayam School was started with the sole aim of providing best possible education to the people of Thiruchengode (the native place of the trustees), irrespective of their economic status.

With the rich experience the trustees gained living in the USA, and with the technical expertise of educationists like Eurokids International Pvt. Ltd. and iDiscoveri Education Pvt. Ltd., the school soon became a trend setter in the field of primary school education in the region. The activity based teaching/ learning methodology, practical learning experience, colourful and safe ambience, huge collection of toys and play equipments, safe transport facility, all made it the most sought after school in the region.

Under the direct supervision of the trustees, the school is being updated on a continuous basis in any advances in the field of education, including the use of technology, practical application of what is being learnt, social awareness and duties etc. With a very young team of energetic and dedicated people behind, the school is all set to take education to a higher level, for others to follow.

Valaraigate Vidyalayam School aims to provide an integrated, holistic and sequential learning and personality development opportunity to its students and would:

  • Guide them to acquire information, knowledge and understanding through books and other media, including the latest technologies.
  • Provide them with important and relevant information, knowledge and understanding that would equip them for public and private life.
  • Stimulate and nurture curiosity, creativity and an inquiring mind, leading to excellence.
  • Develop an action oriented approach where knowledge is implemented and judiciously applied to real-world problems.
  • Develop their skills for oral and written communication.
  • Inculcate interest and foster talent in sports, games, the performing arts and the fine arts.
  • Generally, promote their physical fitness and wellness.
  • Ensure their involvement and participation in community affairs and environmental issues.
  • Develop sensitivity to social justice and equity.
  • Assist them to be responsible citizens who are compassionate and cooperative.
  • Inculcate resilience and willingness to take calculated risks.
  • Develop their sensitivity, self-confidence, self-esteem and respect for others.
  • Promote the balanced social and emotional development of the students.
  • Inculcate progressive liberal values and a global outlook.
  • Help them to develop into leaders who will become significant contributory members of Indian and global societies.
  • Help them to understand and analyse their strengths and weaknesses, building on the former and taking corrective action for the latter.
  • Help them to define future academic pathways and long term career goals.
  • Help them to achieve and learn to maintain standards of quality, efficiency, effectiveness and excellence.
Er.M.Anbazhagan, B.E
Mr. M.Anbazhagan is the son of Mr. K.Marimuthu (late), a school Head Master of high repute. He is a B.E. graduate from PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore, and has served in Tamilnadu Electricity Board (TNEB) for over 35 years. He retired as Additional Chief Engineer. Having seen his father serve the people in his region through education, he decided to continue that service, by founding the Trust and the School.
Er.A.Selvakumar, B.E., M.S.Tech. (USA)
Secretary and Treasurer
Mr.A.Selvakumar s/o Mr. M.Anbazhagan, graduated with B.E. from PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore and did his M.S.Tech in Arizona State University, USA. After working for three years in Texas Instruments, Dallas, Texas, USA, the world’s No.1 Digital Signal Processing company, he has decided to come back to his native place, Thiruchengode, for the cause. With his futuristic vision and the experience gained in India and abroad, he is a strong guiding force behind the successful running of the School. He is the Administrative Head of the school.
Er. Mrs.C.N.Kanchanamala, B.E., PGDEA , HDSE. B.Ed
Mrs.C.N.Kanchanamala, w/o. Mr.A.Selvakumar, graduated with B.E. from Institute of Road and Transport Technology (IRTT), Erode. Her huge interest in the field of education made her to do Post Graduate Diploma in Education Administration (PGDEA) in Symbiosis, one of the top colleges in the field of Education. Her desire to learn and keep her updated led her to complete Hardware Diploma in Software Engineering (HDSE). She is the one behind the successful implementation of various latest teaching methodologies and aids in the school. She is the Academic Head of the School.
Dr.N.Thangavel, M.B.,B.S
Dr.N.Thangavel, aged 60 years, is the brother-in-law of Mr.M.Anbazhagan. Hegraduated from Kilpauk Medical College, Chennai. He has served as Medical Officer in Primary Health Centers in many villages in Namakkal and Salem districts. He retired as Block Medical Officer. He is running his private clinic in a village named Elachipalayam. He dedicates his time in providing quality medical service to the people at affordable cost. He was very impressed with the welfare activities of the Trust and became a Trustee. He is our well wisher.
Er.N.Kishorekumar, B.E.
Mr.N.Kishorekumar, aged 42 years, is the brother-in-law of Mr.A.Selvakumar, and is residing in Chennai. He graduated with B.E. degree from PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore. He has worked with top companies like TCS and IBM as Project Lead. After quitting IBM, he started his own company, Megam Systems, Chennai, and is a pioneer in the field of Cloud computing. In spite of his busy schedule, he spends a good amount of time in bringing latest technological updates in the field of Education to Valaraigate Vidyalayam School.
Mr.P.Thangavel, M.A. (Economics)
Mr.P.Thangavel, aged 56 years in Mr.M.Anbazhagan’s cousin. He completed his under graduate studies from PSG College of Arts and Science, Coimbatore and his master degree from Erode. He proudly calls himself an agriculturist. He holds important posts in some organizations and volunteers for social causes. He is also an agent with LIC of India.
Er.S.Venkatachalam, L.E.E
Mr.S.Venkatachalam, aged 72 years, is the uncle of Mr.M.Anbazhagan. He has served in Tamilnadu Electricity Board for over 36 years and retired as Assistant Executive Engineer. He was a very dedicated and sincere worker, which earned him the reputation as a reliable and technically strong person. While at service, due to his technical competence, he was deputed to many cyclone hit areas for restructuring works. He is the senior most member of the trust and a strong guiding force.